Veterinary Pharmacy


At South Meadow Animal Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing our Fort Worth patients and clients with complete service in one location. That’s why we’re proud to offer everything for your pet’s medical needs in our fully stocked in-house pet pharmacy.

Why Choose the South Meadow Animal Clinic Pet Pharmacy?


Rather than visit the veterinarian and then take your pet’s prescription to another location and wait for it to be filled, when you choose our in-house pharmacy, you can get your pet examined and leave with everything you need to keep him or her healthy and feeling well.

Everything Your Pet Needs

From prescription medications, nutritional supplements, and medication administration aids to treats, dental health supplies, and more, our Fort Worth pet pharmacy has everything you need for your pet’s health.

Guaranteed High-Quality Products at a Competitive Price

Since our veterinarian’s primary goal is keeping patients well, it’s of the utmost importance to us that we provide our patients with only the highest quality pet medications. Additionally, we take special care to store all our medications and other products at the proper temperature and humidity to ensure efficacy and shelf stability.
While you might be tempted by online pet pharmacies claiming to save you money, they generally offer lower-quality products. We strive to provide you with high-quality medications at competitive, fair prices. We always aim to keep our patients healthy and happy and our clients satisfied with our service.

Accurately Filled Prescriptions

When you use our veterinary clinic’s in-house pharmacy, you can be assured that your pet will receive an accurately and safely filled prescription with the right instructions for administration because there’s no middle man. Prescriptions travel directly from our veterinarian to the technician working in the pharmacy. As a result, doses and administration instructions are never lost in translation.

In-Person Administration Instruction and Advice

For safety and efficacy, it’s of the utmost importance that pets take their medications exactly as prescribed. However, pets – especially cats – are notoriously picky when it comes to taking their medicine. Simply hiding it in their food isn’t always enough.
Our veterinarian can provide you with tools and advice to ease the process of giving your pet his or her medicine. We can also talk with you about providing the same prescription in a different form such as liquid, pills, or inside specially formulated treats.

Learn More About Our Pet Pharmacy in Fort Worth

To learn more about the products available at South Meadow Animal Clinic’s pet pharmacy, we welcome you to contact us any time.