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Low-Stress Vet Visits

Does Your Pet Get Nervous At the Vet?

Most likely, the answer is yes! With all the unfamiliar sights, smells, and sounds, we know how stressful veterinary visits can be for your dog or cat. Fortunately, at South Meadow, we are highly trained in animal behavior and have years of experience recognizing signs of stress in cats and dogs. We use progressive techniques to make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable throughout the duration of its visit.

Low stress + low anxiety environment = no worries vet visit.

How We Take the Fear Out Visiting Our Veterinary Clinic

We use a variety of tools and techniques to calm pets, create a relaxing environment in our clinic, and perform anxiety-free examinations.

Private Waiting
Waiting rooms are for people. Being around strange animals and humans can stress out your pet. So, we do our best to keep cats and dogs separate while also having you and your pet wait in a private exam room for our veterinarian.

Calm Noses
We reduce strange smells as much as possible by eliminating strong perfumes from our clinic. We also spray calming pheromones that’ll help relax both cats and dogs if needed.

Easier Exams
We create calmer exams by using gentle handling techniques, allowing pets to stay inside their carriers if necessary, and being open to adjusting our examination to accommodate your pet’s needs.

Positive Associations
Both cats and dogs are food motivated. So, we offer plenty of high-reward treats throughout appointments to create positive associations with our staff, our clinic, and our examination techniques. Additionally, we offer lots of love!

Prescription Medication
For pets with extreme anxiety and fear, we can prescribe a mild sedative to administer to your pet at a specified time before their appointment. This will ensure they’re calm leaving your house, riding in the car, and experiencing no stress during their veterinary appointment.

Client Education
Additionally, we provide pet parents with information about pet training techniques to ease visiting the veterinary clinic. We’ll help you teach your pet to get used to their carrier or riding in the car, for example.

To learn more about how we achieve no-worry vet visits or to schedule an appointment for your cat or dog at South Meadow Animal Clinic, we welcome you to contact our office today at (817) 370-5566.