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House Calls

Convenient at-home veterinarian visits.

To better serve you and your pets, we provide house calls for your convenience. This service is particularly beneficial for anxious pets, owners with limited mobility or access to transportation, and clients with multiple pets at home. 

Benefits of House Call Veterinary Exams

Less-Stressful Veterinary Exams
For many cats, dogs, and their owners, simply getting thorough wellness and preventative care can be a highly stressful endeavor. Visiting the veterinarian induces anxiety in many pets, and this can make it a challenge for their owners to bring them to the veterinary office.

When we come to you at your home in your pet’s familiar surroundings, your pet will naturally be able to stay much more relaxed in the presence of our veterinarian. As a result, well-checks and vaccinations go smoothly every time.

Observe Your Pet in Their Normal Environment
Additionally, the ability to observe your pets when they are calm, relaxed, and happy allows us to establish a much more accurate baseline for their normal, healthy behavior, appearance, and vital signs. This makes it easier for a veterinarian to recognize changes that could potentially indicate illness.

Comprehensive Care in the Comfort of Your Home
House-call veterinary appointments simplify the process of getting your pets the veterinary care they need. Although we’re meeting outside the normal setting of our veterinary clinic, our veterinarian will come prepared with everything we need to provide your pet with comprehensive wellness and preventative care, in addition to supplies for diagnosing and treating a sick pet.

If you have questions about house calls or you’d like to schedule an appointment, call us at (817) 370-5566.

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