Soft Tissue Surgery


Veterinary Surgery Services in Fort Worth

Our experienced team provides patients with a comprehensive list of surgical services including but not limited to:
Our veterinarian will always recommend the least invasive treatment option that can still effectively treat your pet. However, surgery is still sometimes necessary, and that’s why we’re proud to provide our patients with a variety of pet surgery options.

What to Expect When Your Pet Needs Surgery

We understand that having a pet undergo a surgical procedure – no matter how routine – can be stressful. That’s why our veterinarian is always here to answer your questions and ensure you fully understand all of your pet’s treatment options and any risks associated with the recommended surgery.

Surgery Preparation

Prior to your pet’s surgery, we’ll run a blood test to evaluate your pet’s organ function and ensure he or she is healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia and the procedure at hand. Additionally, we’ll provide you with instructions for preparing your pet for surgery. This will likely include restricting food and water the night before surgery and also the potential administration of medications.

Day of Surgery

Our veterinary surgeon will work with the utmost care to ensure a successful outcome for our patient. We use state-of-the-art surgical tools and constantly monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout the procedure and recovery period.

Post-Surgical Care and Recovery

After your pet’s procedure is complete, we’ll give you instructions for helping your pet recover swiftly and safely with minimal pain. This will include instructions for restricting food and water, restricting activity, wound care, medication administration, follow-up exams, and more.
To aid in your pet’s recovery and accelerate healing, we also offer cold laser therapy which has been shown to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain and speed healing at surgical incision sites.

Learn More About Our Veterinary Surgery Services in Fort Worth

If your pet has an upcoming surgery, we invite you to contact our veterinary clinic. We’ll put your mind at ease to ensure you fully understand all of your pet’s treatment options, what to expect on the day of surgery, and can provide you with advice for caring for your pet following his or her procedure.
To learn more about veterinary surgery at South Meadow Animal Clinic, contact our office today.