Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

As pets grow older, you might expect them to slow down, have less energy, and eventually get sick. Although older pets are more susceptible to developing certain age-related diseases, age is not an illness. With the right preventative care, disease management, and lifestyle adjustments, aging cats and dogs can enjoy having lots of energy and good health well into their golden years.

Senior Pet Care Services at South Meadow Animal Clinic

We offer a comprehensive list of services designed specifically to treat senior dogs and cats, helping them maintain the highest quality of life.

Senior Wellness Exams and Health Screening

Senior pet wellness exams are tailored specifically to address the concerns that senior pets face. In addition to keeping vaccines and parasite prevention up-to-date, our veterinarian will also record your pet’s vital signs and perform a thorough physical examination.
We also recommend routine health screening with diagnostic tests for senior pets, as these tests can help us detect the earliest signs of diseases like endocrine disorders, heart disease, cancer, infections, and arthritis.

Pain Management and Mobility

If your pet suffers from hindered mobility or chronic pain, we’ll recommend a personalized, long-term pain management plan designed to address your pet’s specific needs. In addition to pain medications and nutritional supplements, we can also help you reduce your pet’s pain and improve mobility with weight management and cold laser therapy.

Chronic Disease Management

If a senior pet is diagnosed with a chronic illness, we’ll help you with the ongoing management and treatment of the illness. This treatment plan will be designed to mitigate symptoms in addition to slowing the progression of the disease.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

As pets age, their daily needs change with them. We can help you adjust your pet’s diet to provide them with the most important nutrients and the right amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight. We can also suggest a low-impact exercise plan and environmental adjustments that can make your home more comfortable for your aging pet.

When to Bring Your Senior Pet to Visit Our Fort Worth Veterinarian

To ensure the early detection and swift treatment of age-related diseases, we recommend that senior pets visit our veterinarian every six months for a wellness check, health screening, and examination. More frequent appointments help us detect new problems before they progress far enough to cause your pet too much discomfort.
To learn more about senior pet care and examinations, we welcome you to contact South Meadow Animal Clinic today.