Grooming, Pet Day Spa & Salon

Grooming, Pet Day Spa, and Salon

Grooming is essential to your pet’s overall health, comfort, and happiness. Different species and breeds require different levels of maintenance. Our professional groomers at South Meadow Animal Clinic’s pet day spa and salon can help you meet your pet’s unique grooming needs with personalized care.

Why Is Pet Grooming So Important?

We all love it when our furry friends smell nice, but regular grooming’s benefits extend far beyond our human noses. Pets who receive regular grooming and their human companions enjoy many benefits.

Better Coat and Skin Health

Grooming removes dirt, debris, dead skin cells, and parasites. This benefits pets with allergies or other sensitivities and creates a stronger skin barrier, resulting in a more comfortable pet and a healthier coat.

Less Shedding

Whether your pet’s scheduled for a basic grooming appointment or a de-shedding treatment, regular baths and thorough brushing help reduce shedding around your home, in the car, and everywhere else you don’t want your pet’s fur sticking.

Less Fur Matting and Improved Circulation

With a regularly cleaned and well-brushed coat, your pet will have fewer tangles. Plus, grooming can completely prevent painful fur matting – which means much better circulation at the surface of your pet’s skin. As a result, your pet will be healthier and much more comfortable.

Proper Posture and Gait

Each grooming appointment includes a nail trim. Our groomers will gently trim each of your cat’s or dog’s nails, being careful to avoid the quick. With blunt, healthy claws, your pets will do less damage to you and your floors and will also be able to walk with proper paw posture and a healthy gait. This not only keeps pets comfortable in the present moment, but it also helps prevent future musculoskeletal problems and pain.

Early Detection of Potential Health Problems

During a good rubbing down, our groomers are likely to detect new or suspicious lumps, bumps, growths, or rashes as they develop.

Grooming, Salon, and Pet Day Spa Services at Our Fort Worth Veterinary Clinic

South Meadow Animal Clinic offers clients a variety of grooming services including regular baths, medicated baths, de-shedding treatments, brushing, haircuts, styles, safe blowdries, nail trims, and much more.
Basic Grooming Service Prices:
To schedule an appointment for your cat or dog or to learn more about our full list of grooming and day spa services and everything that’s included with your pet’s grooming appointment, we welcome you to contact South Meadow Animal Clinic.