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Ear Cropping Aftercare

Once the decision has been made to crop your puppy’s ears, an owner should be aware that proper aftercare and taping of the ears following ear cropping is just as important as the quality of the crop for a successful outcome. It is very important to follow the instructions that we give you at the time of discharge and to call our office if you have any questions or should any problems arise.

Immediate Aftercare

On the day of the surgery, we apply bandages to both ears that post them in the upright position. We recheck 4 days after surgery for a bandage change and 12 days after surgery for 2nd bandage change and suture removal. 

What Happens Once Your Dog's Ears are Healed

You must come back for posting weekly at least until the ears stand satisfactorily. Some breeds may only require two or three postings, but most Dobermans, Danes, and boxers are taped weekly until six months of age, or even longer if necessary.  The longer the crop the longer it will take to post.  We do not recommend inexperienced owners attempt to post the ears themselves. We are committed to your pet looking good and prefer to post the ears ourselves. It is very important for owners to call our office with any problems they encounter during the aftercare period. We want your pet to be comfortable immediately postop and during the ear posting phase.

*Aftercare is not included in the cost of the ear crop surgery, payment is expected at the time of bandaging/aftercare. Sedation may also be required and will be charged at a discounted rate with the bandaging.

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