You love your pets, and if it were always up to you, they’d go with you everywhere. Unfortunately, though, it’s not always possible to travel with your pets. Sometimes, due to a multitude of different circumstances, pet owners need someone else to step in and care for their pets while they’re away.
South Meadow Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital, and our veterinarian and staff are pleased to provide complete, comfortable pet boarding services to cats and dogs. When you can’t be there for your pet, you can rest easy, knowing they’re in good hands with our highly trained and experienced veterinary professionals.

Fort Worth Pet Boarding Services

Spacious Boarding Facility

Our pet boarding facility is fully equipped to offer pets a comfortable, safe, and happy stay, while you’re away. From individual cat condos in a cats-only wing to spacious dog runs and a secure outdoor exercise area, your pet will have plenty of room to stretch out while being able to retreat to their very own private area.
In addition, we provide all guests with clean and soft bath towels, and keep our boarding facility extremely clean to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests.
We are really proud of our facility and encourage you to come by to take a tour of our boarding area. Please give us a courtesy call before you plan to arrive.

Dietary Care

We provide all of our pet guests with a complete, nutritious diet with Science Diet food. However, we welcome you to pack your pet’s favorite food and treats from home, if you would prefer that they continue enjoying the same diet during their stay.

Medical Care

If your pet requires medication or other medical care, our veterinary staff is fully equipped to continue their medication administration routine. Should your pet end up falling ill during their stay, we will notify you immediately and our veterinarian will be on-call to look after your pet.


It’s our priority to help each of our pet guests feel welcome, loved, and at home while they’re with us. We make a point to provide each pet with attention and opportunities for playtime and interaction.

Pet Boarding Pricing

Canine Guests

Feline Guests


Our Pet Boarding Requirements

For the safety of all our guests, each pet will receive a Capstar flea tablet upon check-in. We also require that cats and dogs staying with us are up-to-date on their fecal exams and vaccinations. To learn more about our specific pet boarding requirements or to schedule your pet’s stay with us, we welcome you to contact South Meadow Animal Clinic today.