Allergy Testing and Treatment

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Maybe your pet suffers frequent ear infections or scratches incessantly. If this is the case, your pet might be suffering from allergies. Just like people, cats and dogs sometimes experience allergic reactions when their bodies are exposed to different allergens. At South Meadow Animal Clinic, our veterinarian is experienced in diagnosing and treating allergies in pets.

Types of Allergies in Pets

Pets can have allergic reactions to three types of allergens:

Signs and Symptoms of Allergies in Pets

Cats and dogs can sometimes have allergic reactions that are similar to the symptoms people experience. For example, pets sometimes do experience respiratory symptoms, like wheezing and coughing, or inflammatory symptoms like red, watery eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose as a result of allergies. However, they’re more commonly afflicted by the following symptoms of allergies:
While certain symptoms can sometimes indicate the type of allergy a pet has, pets can experience any combination of these reactions to just about any type of allergen.

Diagnosing Pet Allergies

The first step in treating a pet’s allergies is determining the type of allergies they’re suffering from. Sometimes, seasonality can indicate environmental allergens. Other times, diagnosing a pet’s allergies might require a process of elimination regarding environmental exposures and dietary choices.

Allergy Testing for Pets

Pets can be tested for environmental allergens and sensitivities via a blood test or skin test. However, this testing is usually only performed when immunotherapy is recommended in more severe cases where allergen avoidance and traditional treatments aren’t successful.

Treatments for Pet Allergies

Most pets with allergies benefit from symptomatic relief with medicated baths, topical ointments, and antihistamine medications. Our veterinarian will make further treatment recommendations based on the type of allergies your pet has. This might include feeding a pet a special diet, making adjustments to your pet’s surroundings to limit exposure to environmental allergens, or moving forward with immunotherapy.

Schedule an Allergy Appointment for Your Pet in Fort Worth

If you notice signs or symptoms of allergies in your pet, we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with our Fort Worth veterinarian. There’s no need for your pet to suffer in itchy discomfort a moment longer. Instead, get your pet relief and start the process of pet allergy management today.