Pre-Surgical Safety Options

Care & Safety Options

    1. Pre–Anesthetic Blood Testing (Required for pets age 7 and older)

    Many conditions including disorders of the liver, kidneys and blood may not be detected unless blood testing is performed. These tests are similar to those your own physician would run for you to undergo anesthesia. We strongly recommend that all patients receive a blood screen before surgery. $79.33

    2. IV Catheter and Fluids (Required for all pets)

    We require an IV catheter and fluids for all surgery patients. A catheter provides an intravenous entry for medications in case of emergency. IV fluids support kidney function, and provide increased perfusion to all body tissues during anesthesia. $55.15

    3. Pre-Anesthetic EKG (Electrocardiogram)

    An EKG is a recording of the electrical impulses within your pet’s heart. It allows us to determine the heart rate, rhythm and conduction within the heart. By performing this test, we will better able to detect problems with your pet’s heart, and decide if your pet is a candidate for anesthesia. This test is strongly recommended for all patients undergoing anesthesia. $70.52

    Surgery Post Operative Options

    1. Post Operative Cold Laser Therapy

    Cold laser therapy is helpful in reducing post operative swelling by causing blood and lymphatic vessels to dilate and activate. Cold laser therapy helps reduce pain by decreasing nerve sensitivity and blocking pain signals to the brain. Cold laser therapy also helps to improve
    healing by accelerating cellular reproduction and growth. $15.00

    2. Pain Medication

    Research shows that pets that receive pain-relief medications before and after surgery eat sooner and heal faster than those that do not. Anesthesia only provides pain-relief while pets are asleep on the surgery table. $40-$90 *Price depends on type of medication and pet’s weight.

    3. Elizabethan Collar

    An E-Collar or Elizabethan Collar is a protective medical device worn by your pet to prevent them from licking or biting at the surgery incision while it heals. $17.43

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