Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

When pets are feeling ill, injured, or maybe even just a little off, they have no way to describe their symptoms to us, and most health problems that affect cats and dogs present with very similar outward signs and symptoms. As a result, diagnosing a pet’s illness, the extent of an injury, or screening for early signs of developing health problems can be difficult with a physical examination alone.
At South Meadow Animal Clinic, we’re pleased to provide our patients with quick and accurate diagnoses and safe, effective treatment using our in-house laboratory testing capabilities.

Our Veterinary Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging (often referred to as radiology) includes both x-rays (radiograms) and ultrasounds (sonograms) that allow our veterinarian to view a patient’s internal structures like their bones, joints, tendons, and organs. X-rays are still images, while ultrasounds are real-time moving images of a pet’s internal structures that can be used to observe and evaluate your pet’s body as it operates.

Blood Chemistry and Urinalysis

Our complete in-house laboratory provides complete blood count, blood chemistry, and urinalyses to help our veterinarian assess the function of your pet’s organs and body chemistry. We can use these tests to detect the earliest signs of diseases like infections, cancer, endocrine disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and kidney disease.

Fecal Testing

Fecal testing is used to diagnose intestinal parasites in addition to a variety of other health concerns.

When Will My Pet Require Diagnostic Testing?

Pets exhibiting signs of illness or injury typically require some further diagnostic testing. Depending on your pet’s symptoms, our veterinarian might recommend a combination of both laboratory tests and images.
Additionally, we provide routine health screening for pets as a part of a cat’s or dog’s wellness and preventative care. We typically recommended dental x-rays during pet dentistry appointments and laboratory tests for senior pets who are at risk of developing age-related diseases and pets that might have a genetic predisposition to certain health concerns due to their breed.

Learn More About Your Pet's Test Results

If your pet has recently had a laboratory test or diagnostic images taken, we will discuss these with you as soon as they are complete. However, we always welcome you to contact our veterinarian to learn more about your pet’s results, diagnosis, and recommended treatment plan, too.
For more information or to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat with our Fort Worth veterinarian, we welcome you to contact South Meadow Animal Clinic today.