How to Keep Your Pet Calm at the Vet

How to Keep Your Pet Calm at the Vet

Just like people sometimes get nervous about visiting the doctor’s office or dentist, pets can sometimes be afraid to visit the veterinarian, too. In some cases, this can result in extreme anxiety and create a stressful situation for the person trying to bring their pet into a veterinary clinic. Consider trying the following tips and tricks to make your veterinary visits calmer and less stressful.

5 Tips to Keeping Your Pet Calm at the Veterinary Clinic


1. Get Used to the Car and the Clinic

Go for car rides, let your pet spend time in his carrier, and stop by the veterinary clinic when you don’t have an appointment scheduled to make these things feel safe and routine.

2. Stay Calm

Pets pick up on their owners’ moods and attitudes. If you’re nervous about visiting the veterinarian, then your pet will be too. By keeping your cool – and scheduling your appointment for a time when you won’t be stressed about other things – your pet will feel happier too.

3. Treat Often

Bringing lots of treats with you and treating your pet often during veterinary visits and the car rides to and from the office helps them associate visiting the vet with getting lots of treats – and who doesn’t love getting lots of treats?

4. Practice at Home

You’re not going to practice a vaccine at home, but you can get your pet used to the kinds of touches and handling that happen at the veterinary clinic. Provide plenty of treats to reward your pet for staying calm while you look at his teeth, feel his ribs, hold him still, and examine his paws.

5. Tell Your Veterinarian

If it’s difficult to bring your pet to his veterinary appointments, we encourage you to talk with us about it. We can help ease your pet’s anxiety with prescription medications and even make accommodations to see your pet at the beginning of the day when fewer animals are in our office.

Calm Veterinary Visits at South Meadow Animal Clinic

At South Meadow Animal Clinic in Fort Worth, we do everything we can to help ensure our patients can stay calm at our office so that they can receive all the care they need – without putting too much stress on themselves or their human companions.
If your pet experiences anxiety riding in the car or visiting the vet, we welcome you to contact our office for personalized advice, recommendations, and accommodations that can help your pet stay healthy for life.