Is My Senior Pet Getting the Care It Needs?

Is My Senior Pet Getting the Care It Needs?

As pets age, their needs change. This means that older pets require slightly different treatments and services at the veterinary clinic in addition to requiring different care at home. By tailoring the care your pet receives, as their needs change with age, you can help keep your pets happy and healthy well into their golden years.

4 Ways Your Senior Pet's Care Should Change With Age

1. More Frequent Veterinary Examinations and Diagnostic Health Screenings

Older pets are more susceptible to developing age-related diseases, and once they appear, these medical issues can progress quickly. For this reason, senior pets usually visit the veterinary clinic every six months for a checkup, instead of once a year. During your senior pet’s appointment, we will likely also run diagnostic tests to check for the earliest signs of illness. Addressing issues before they cause obvious symptoms is always best.

2. Nutritional Adjustments

Senior pets have slightly different nutrition needs. Since they are less active, they require fewer calories during the day. Additionally, some senior pets can benefit from certain health supplements designed to promote joint health and address other age-related issues.

3. Activity Adjustments

Although they tend to have less energy, senior pets still like to play and be active. In fact, activity is essential to their ongoing health. However, your older pet won’t be able to do the same activities they loved when they were a puppy or play at the same level of intensity. Be mindful of your pet’s performance, as they begin to slow down with age, and adjust their activities accordingly. For example, more frequent short walks might be better for an older pet than one very long walk.

4. Environmental Changes

Make adjustments to your pet’s environment to help them stay comfortable as they age. This might include elevated bowls, a high-quality pet bed, and/or stairs up to the sofa.

Veterinary Care Designed for Senior Pets in Fort Worth

At South Meadow Animal Clinic, we place a strong emphasis on providing our patients with personalized veterinary care that’s designed to meet their specific health needs based on their age, breed, lifestyle, and medical history. As our patients age, we gradually adjust the care they receive, ensuring it’s always tailored to provide them with the treatments and services that stand to benefit them the most during each stage of life.
To learn more about senior pet care or to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat with our veterinarian, we welcome you to contact our veterinary clinic in Fort Worth today.