How to Protect Your Pet’s Teeth (6 Tips)

Periodontal (gum) disease affects most dogs and cats by the time they reach three years of age. Best prevented, periodontal disease can be difficult to treat and many pets never receive any treatment at all. Unfortunately, unchecked periodontal disease can lead to a host of systemic health problems in pets that can diminish their quality of life and even lead to premature death.
The best way to prevent and/or address gum disease in pets is by doing your best to help your dog or cat keep their teeth and gums healthy.

6 Tips to Keep Your Pet's Teeth and Gums Healthy

1. Brush Your Pet's Teeth

Check your favorite pet supply store for a specially designed toothbrush and specially formulated toothpaste for your dog or cat. Introduce your pet slowly to these tools with plenty of treats to reinforce their good behavior.

2. Provide Dental-Friendly Treats

Provide your pet with appropriately sized dental-friendly treats to help break up plaque and tartar on their teeth to prevent the development of gum disease.

3. Play With Dental-Friendly Chew Toys

You can also purchase dental-friendly chew toys for your pet to gnaw on, satisfying their instinct to chew while also cleaning their teeth. Just be sure to select a toy that’s the right size for your pet (i.e. small toys for small pets and large toys for large pets).

4. Learn About Dental-Friendly Diets

If your pet has already developed gum disease or has been deemed high-risk for oral health problems, then they might benefit from switching to a dental-friendly diet or even a prescription dental diet.

5. Schedule Pet Dentistry Appointments

Professional pet dentistry appointments help keep your pet’s mouth healthy with a thorough cleaning, examination, and dental x-rays.

6. Know the Signs of Dental Problems in Pets

Keep a close eye on your pet’s mouth for signs and symptoms of dental problems which include:

Safeguard Your Pet's Oral Health at South Meadow Animal Clinic

To learn more about periodontal disease in pets and how to protect your pet’s oral health, we encourage you to schedule a pet dentistry appointment at South Meadow Animal Clinic. Our veterinarian can provide you with even more tips and tricks for maintaining your pet’s oral health in addition to discussing the importance of professional teeth cleanings and examinations at our veterinary clinic.