Bad Weather? Entertain Your Pet Inside

When it comes to being a responsible pet owner, there are several aspects of your pet’s care that you need to consider. These, of course, include providing your pet with a balanced, nutritious diet and veterinary care, but your pet also needs daily exercise and enrichment to stay totally happy and healthy.
Most pet owners help enrich the lives of their pets with daily walks and outdoor playtime. When the weather’s bad, however, it can be a challenge to head outside on a consistent basis. Consider the following ideas to keep your pet entertained, active, and enriched indoors when the weather is bad.

4 Ideas to Keep Your Pet Entertained Indoors

1. Hide and Seek

Play a game of hide and seek indoors with your pet by hiding their favorite toy or a treat-stuffed Kong in different places around your house. Simply stuff it in a spot where your pet can safely find it and then prompt them to go find that toy or the treat.

2. Treat Puzzles

Another way to keep your pet busy is to either make them or purchase them a treat puzzle. These games have treats hidden away inside, and your pet has to play with the puzzle to “solve” it and release the treats. Food-motivated pets will happily work on treat puzzles for hours.

3. Training

Another way to keep your pet’s mind occupied and busy during a day of bad weather is to work on learning a new trick. Training is a great way for you to improve your pet’s obedience, manners, and party tricks while also spending quality time and bonding with them.

4. Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is a fluffy toy mat used for feeding your pets their kibble or treats. These mats mimic grass that pets would forage through if they lived in the wild. A snuffle mat helps pets eat more instinctively, while they practice their foraging techniques. As a bonus, they are also effective at slowing down a dog that eats too quickly.

Professional Pet Enrichment Advice From Our Fort Worth Veterinarian

For more pet enrichment advice and guidance about being a responsible pet owner, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at South Meadow Animal Clinic. We can talk with you about your pet’s behavior, lifestyle, nutrition, veterinary care, and more to help you give your pet the very best life.