Is My Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

two small dogs playing together outdoors

No two dogs are exactly alike or have the exact same needs in terms of their daily exercise. The amount of exercise a dog needs varies based on their age, breed, current physical fitness level, individual ability, and their medical history. Plus, your dog’s exercise and activity needs will change throughout their lifetime.

Bad Weather? Entertain Your Pet Inside

When it comes to being a responsible pet owner, there are several aspects of your pet’s care that you need to consider. These, of course, include providing your pet with a balanced, nutritious diet and veterinary care, but your pet also needs daily exercise and enrichment to stay totally happy and healthy.

How to Keep Your Pet Calm at the Vet

Just like people sometimes get nervous about visiting the doctor’s office or dentist, pets can sometimes be afraid to visit the veterinarian, too. In some cases, this can result in extreme anxiety and create a stressful situation for the person trying to bring their pet into a veterinary clinic.